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Hi everyone. I'm new to this group, and a little nervous. This is my first support group, and I'm hoping it helps. I have PTSD..depression and chronic anxiety. I've lived with it since I was 17, and I'm really hoping to find people to talk to about all of of this.

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Welcome! 🙂

Thank you so much!!

Welcome NavyMomma 🌸🌼🌻 !

Thank you! I like this group already 😊

I am also new to the group and have found here very helpful ! ;)

Welcome! I joined this group not too long ago and I love it. People are so kind here. They will never judge you and they understand you more than others because going through the same thing.

NavyMomma17 in reply to Kat2345

Im really excited to have someone to talk to about this stuff! It feels nice to know there are people who really do understand what it feels like 😊


NavyMomma17 in reply to aaronm

Thank you!

Hi! Welcome. I just joined a few days ago. I suffer w anxiety, depression and PTSD too.

It's not fun. I feel your pain.

Ive found that that this group helps so much. People are very wise and helpful.

Writing your feelings out is very therapeutic too. If youd like follow me, click on my name and click on follow on that page.

There is hope for what we are going through.

Four years ago I couldnt function without feeling anxious or feeling PTSD symptoms. Now my life is full and fun and Im coming down from the medication. I still have my struggles but nothing compares to what I was feeling then & what Im feeling today.

Good luck to you. Take care!

Thank you so much! I wasn't sure how joining a support group would feel, but I am so glad I did. Just to know I'm not alone, and that people really understand, is so comforting. I'm still trying to find the right medicines that work for me. I've been on so many over the years. Its frustrating and tiring. It doesn't help that my Son, my only child, is deployed rn. I miss him like crazy, but I'm so proud! I'm so happy to hear that you're doing better!! Thank you for your kindness and support 😊

You're welcome! Thanks for following me. Aww..that's an awesome profession-how wonderful. Aw im.sure u miss him lots. I have one son, one child too but he's little.

Im not sure if you've tried it but I am on Lexapro. It helped me so much. Maybe it could hrlp u too? It made me gain weight though so that was the only really bad side effect. Im not sure if I'll ever come off of it completey but right now Im on a very low dose.

Thank you, he's always been my rock! I was on lexapro a few years ago. It helped, but I take effexor now and it seems to really help. I think with it being winter and 26° doesn't help lol. Looking forward to Spring, and being able to go on walks again 😊

Hey I’m new, too! Welcome!

NavyMomma17 in reply to Cynnzeia

Thank you!!

New also

For view wheeks

PTSD too


NavyMomma17 in reply to Elfje

Thank you, and welcome too!

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