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Hanging in the balance

I just recently moved in with my boyfriend of two years. I am also starting college on monday. since this happened i have not slept, i can barely eat. I'm constantly in a state of panic. "how am i gonna pay bills? how will i balance work and school?" i was reading through a syllabus for one of my classes today and started having a major panic attack. chest tight, head pounding. I felt like i was drowning without being in water. my doctor stopped my anxiety meds when she changed my depression medication. i was originally on a two in one. but it was causing psychosis. since this med change happened i have not been able to get back in to see her as i cannot afford her copays. needless to say i am literally hanging in the balance. not for much longer but i am standing on a tightrope and i can't seem to stay standing.

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Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. Are you working now? Most jobs will work around your school schedule. You probably won't be in class 5 days a week. Sit down, write which days you attend school and which you can work. If you can, leave at least a day or two for yourself. Talk to your boyfriend about the bills. Get a better understanding of what you'll be paying and tell him your concerns. As far as anxiety, have you tried meditating? There's a great 20 min video on YouTube I listen to that's specifically for anxiety. It immediately helps me calm down and focus. I started taking a calcium, magnesium and zinc vitamin (3in1) morning and night. It's drastically reduced my anxiety and I haven't had a panic attack since. Might be something worth trying. Everything is gonna be okay. Keep me updated.


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