Depression and guilt

hey ! im pretty new to this site! I've been struggling with guilt for a long time and found things saying it was related to depression. I feel guilty for a lot of things in my life, even things that are out of my control. My self esteem is very low, and I feel very undeserving of everything. I don't know how to fix it, or get better. Every year it gets worse, it's hard trying to grow as a person when I don't feel like I deserve to be one.

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  • Have you talked to a doctor about how your emotions are effecting your life? It sounds like depression, but there could be other things involved. Every person is different. But keep your head up and keep participating on here. You are not alone!

  • I've been too scared to admit to any doctors that I've been feeling this way. I know I should but I guess its easier to not address the problem )-:

  • That's true, it's a lot easier to ignore it. But unfortunately it just gets worse if it's not dealt with. And apparently it's not normal to be in a state of sadness most of the time. (I didn't realize everyone didn't feel that way). And I understand being afraid to talk about it. I was too. But it was literally just a conversation with my regular doctor and he prescribed some medicine to try. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out which medication so don't get discouraged. Or he could even ask you to keep track of your diet and exercise, because sometimes this alone can make the depression better. Or he might send you to a psychiatrist depending on your answers. I've been to a few because I'm bipolar type 2. And they've always been kind.

  • doctors are normally ok about listening and giving advice. You should have choices over what treatment you get and if you want medicines or not. they are used to hearing about it from people and will not judge you.

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