Anxiety and depression

Why is it I feel like I'm never gonna get better had depress since 1997 due to the loss of my son something I can never put at the back of my mind which I keep getting told christ he was my son so easy for people to say and now for the past 8 mth my anxiety seems to be getting a lot worse I've fibromilga but also costchondiritis and ever since diagnosed with that my anxi7has got worse as always seem to be in pain and the more I try to do exercise wise the more pain I end up in even cleaning seems to be a chor I get down alot I have a nearly 6 yr old and I just want to be able to do things like normal with my children but I'm always in so much pain I carnt and all my gp does is keep upping my morphine and sorry I don't want to be doped up all the time the morphine does nothing for the pain for me but I do as I'm told as gp has tried others and I have a reaction I try relaxation music I'm now gonna look into yoga see if this helps does anyone please have any ideas to help me I've feel like I've tried everything and getting nowhere I'm nearly 43 and just feel like I'm sinking fast.....sorry guys for babbling on xxx

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  • I'm truly sorry for your loss. I won't presume to understand; I can't imagine what you're going through but it sounds difficult. You're not babbling. Do you have a therapist/psychologist? This forum is great but it would be normal/necessary for someone in your situation to have professional counseling as well.

  • I am on the waiting list for talking matters which is over the phone due to my anxiety I don't go out to much xx

  • I actually lost my son 16 years ago and was due pre mature baby he lived days and then went with the lord and that started my kick off anxiety and even health anxiety and depression but recently went to a class in my church which was called faces of grief and boy was it a blessing it broke down so many things that where deep rooted in my heart I would truly advice u to get godly counseling it has done it break trew in my heart more of a set of deliverance for me my anger is gone and am more at peace....all pray for u to get proper guidance.

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