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On my second day of no sleep. my anxiety is crazy bad but managing at work.

even taking my medication last night was no good. Doesnt help my brain functioning

on "mommy mode" because my little one is sick all night. Im seriously in no mood

to deal with people at work or in general. Hoping i dont crash from the lack of sleep

here. its hard to concentrate on one thing. i have a lot to do today very little time and

worrying about my son plus work. its going to be a LOOOOONG day.

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It's slow down at work but my anxiety pretty nuts since I'm trying hard not to crash I'm running on 4cups of coffee since 5am


His doing better my mom keeping me posted it's helped my anxiety a bit knowing his active and happy but the exhaustion mixed with bit anxiety kicking in so I'm trying keep busy but I really want to sleep. Got another 5-6 hours before I can actually be home to rest


There not enough hours in a day lol I shutting off my phone and crashing tonight I can't go more that 2-3 days without sleep. Thanks for checking up on me 🤗


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