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Such a thing as meds without side effects?

Hi this is probably a dumb question but are there any meds for anxiety and depression without any or very minimal side effects? I'm taking pristiq 50mg and I am not sleeping well - I toss and turn and have weird and VIVID dreams. The next day I feel tired from poor sleep. My mood is kinda flat too though thankfully not anxious and sad like it was. And weight gain and sex not a problem so far like they have been on other meds. Is it a pipe dream to try another drug hoping for no side effects at all? Thanks y'all !

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I don't think there is such a thing


Yes no medicine for depression without potential side effects. Antidepressants still a relatively blunt instrument.


I truly believe that medication is an essential part of treating depression. But it's not the only part. There are things that you can do to support recovery and future good mental health. Now, it's nothing new you've heard it all before.

Diet, Sleep, Exercise, getting outside, getting sun exposure, talking and sharing with another human.

I've been depressed for years and had felt this was it. But a recent crisis and increase on meds has combined with inspirational thinking has got me focusing now on these things.

Another site member posted a web link to a lecture Steven Ilandi had given on the topic of natural antidepressants. I'd heard the things before but the way he explained depression and how it affects about abilities to heal was enlightening. He is a scientist and his advice is based on real research with good results.

So, google him and hopefully you'll get the link to the lecture on you tube - it's long 1.5 hours but well worth it.

I am not yet able to put all of his advice into practice and I'm still taking my meds now and for a long time in the future. But, I'm working on it. It's not overnight work but I think it is really worthwhile.

Apart from a vitamin supplement the rest is just free lifestyle changes. None of which are extreme.

Have a look. Anything that helps right?


Thanks all and thanks DMM for your reply. I like what you said about sharing /connecting with others. I have some of what I believe are autistic traits which makes it hard for me to conversate and relate to people in typical ways. I often feel left out of discussions and conversations with others because I either don't know what to say or how to say it appropriately . So I feel like if I can figure this part out then that would help a lot I think. The meds help to refuce the social anxiety but side effects suck and make me want to stop taking the meds at times. I suppose it's better though than the alternative if no meds and being totally unable to cope in normal social situations


I have an autistic daughter so know all about social skill difficulty. Personally, I hate being forced to make small talk. Social skills amongst neurotypicals vary a huge amount so we aren't all at ease chatting. My depression makes face to face talk difficult at times - I just can't get the words out. I've actually sat next to someone and had to have a text conversation as I was so stressed. This no doubt proves that my literal skills and verbal are not the same. Anyway, your just one voice amongst many online and social difficulty here is so much more manageable. Take care and keep getting in on the conversation.


Thanks for your reply. What do you suppose it is about the depression and finding the words , as you say . That's another thing I notice being on meds is that my word finding seems worse maybe that's still the depression causing my thinking to be slower but I never was good at making chit chat because I tend to think so reflectively that i have a hard time being in the moment and conversing quickly if that makes sense


No totally get it. There is a disconnect I feel as have word in head but just can't say it, though I can text it! It will be to do with the connections in the brain, I think the stress is so much it just fires it for a bit. In relation to autism I think it same but the connection either isn't as strong or not made as it's a physical thing with the brain overdeveloping at the wrong time.


As antidepressants are quite blunt then the effect of addition al chemicals on the brain varies per individual. In the future when they can completely map neuron connections they will fine tune medicines accordingly but that's going to take years. So meantime do other stuff which naturally lifts mood.


Interesting. Do you ever think back on something someone said to you only later to realize what you should have said in return ? I do it all the time !! I just can't think of what to say in the moment .


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