Feeling alone, sad, depressed

Feeling alone, sad, depressed

I'm just fed up with family/ friends. No support. I live alone with my 2 kitties and end up talking to myself all day and crying. I try to keep busy but lately I have had zero energy. When I want to call someone just to tell them what project I'm working on around the house, they don't answer. I text...no response. I email....no replies. It's like everyone wants to avoid me and I do nice things for them! I'm sick of it. And im also being hit by another wave of grief for the loss of my fur baby Isabelle. It's been horrible. I wanted to go with her. I didn't want her to go alone. That's the honest truth. I have no life. I'm not suicidal because I can't imagine leaving my kitty Lilly. But I need human interaction.

Here's a picture of Isabelle. She was so cute with her extra toes. God I miss her.

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  • beautiful kitty, you gave her a good life. your other babies need you. i made a decision in my life, i only trust animals and babies!! After losing two long term jobs where i was told that i was wonderful, the best, lifesaver, i got fired totally unexpectedly one after 10 years the other 3.5 years. i love my dog, my children and geandchildren. i wont count on anyone else for my happiness

  • Thank you. Isabelle was a sickly stray kitten brought to me by a friend. I took her in. The specialist gave her 3 to 4 yrs to live and asked if I wanted her to be put down. I said "NO!" My baby made it to 10 yrs.

    I'm sorry you were fired. It's a huge loss. I was let go after 16 years at Kodak.

  • What a beautiful kitty! I'm so glad Isabelle had a great life with you. Of course you miss her. I have two cats also and at times they have kept me going, so I know what you mean. It sounds like you keep going to the same people for support when they have no support to offer. I've been through that as well. It doesn't matter why, it just is. So you'll need to find other people who do care: a support group, a therapist, connection with some people who've also dealt with depression. It's terrible that family and friends can't be more caring to someone who's already hurting, but when that happens the only thing to do is look for support somewhere else. Otherwise, you'll just keep feeling the hurt of that rejection over and over again. Whatever their reason is surely has more to do with them and their own limitations and problems, not with YOU. You sound like a lovely, very caring person.

  • Thank you. She had a great life. She wasn't supposed to live actually. Many health problems. At age 1 the specialist asked us if we just wanted to have her put down! No way!! She was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A heart condition. But that's not what killed her. At age 1 at the same time of that diagnoses they found a mass inside her head the size of her brain. Me (and my bf at the time) paid $2000 to have it removed. 9 years later (last yr) it grew back and no one caught it. They thought she had a stroke. Sent her home with me. She was doing better then all of a sudden it was coming out of her ear. Which I thought was a nasty ear infection bc here I am thinking poor Isabelle had a stroke. It must have ruptured, and the next thing I knew she was unresponsive and a few hours later went into congestive heart failure. I laid her next to me on the floor. She passed. I'm sorry I meant to thank you for your wonderful advice and it is what I need to do. I can't handle the rejection and hurt day after day. I do nice things for these people and they don't appreciate me

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