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Brother Supporting Brother

Hey guys i'm new here, i'm 29 and recently discovered my brother has been struggling with depression. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post since I don't have depression myself.

I'm just looking for advice on ways that I can help support him. I've tried asking him directly what helps him the most but he doesn't seem to know right now. At the moment I just try to spend time with him as much as I can. We mostly play video games together, I try to get him to go on walks or exercise with me but he doesn't seem interested.

I guess my question is in what ways have friends or family supported you that you found the most helpful?

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Hey Adus, I think it's really awesome how you are willing to help your brother out with his depression!! Keep on trying to get him to go out and "do stuff" with you as much as possible, as just the daily life interactions can work wonders on depression symptoms. If he seems lost and confused about himself, it's also a good idea to make sure he goes and sees his doctor to determine if there is a physical issue causing the depression (thyroid deficiency, vitamin deficiency, etc.). The doctor can also suggest other treatment options that might be able to help him.

Hope he starts to feel better soon! I wish that I had been more open about my depression/anxiety issues when I was younger, especially with my family, so the fact that you can help impact the way he feels is a huge bonus! Never give up trying to help him...


Hi Adus,

You are doing a great thing by being supportive of your brother.

One of the symptoms of depression is apparent lack of motivation, energy and apathy about doing anything including making decisions or doing something.

Here is a link to an organization that specializes in depression help for everyone involved from family, carers, workers etc.


It's worth looking around the local area for support groups for the person with the mental illness and those that are for carers.

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What a nice brother you are! We all should have family like this. I would say just keep being there- maybe just listen or hang out- whatever you enjoy. I agree with the doctor's appointment also.

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Thank you for the support everyone! He has been seeing a therapist for over and year and just started seeing a psychiatrist to help him with his medication. Thank you for the link blackcat, I think a support group for him and myself would be great.

It has been a little frustrating seeing him become so much more lethargic and tired all day since he has changed medication. I'm hoping it will get better or his psychiatrist will lower the dosage.


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