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Comes and goes

So I was sitting in my couch watching a movie when suddenly I felt a heat wave all through my body and as well as a body rush. My heart started pounding fast so of course I thought I was getting a heart attack. But then I started getting a panic attack to I started doing breathing exercises. It slowly started going away then I started getting the shivers like if I was scared or nervous. Now I'm calm. I haven't gotten one for almost two weeks now but suddenly I get one out of no where? Do these come out of no where??

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Hi Erod,

The heat wave you describe is the adrenaline rushing through your body, released from the adrenal glands sitting on top of your kidneys. This is a one way of working out (not reliable ) if you are having anxiety or a heart attack.

Since you know focus on your breath helps, keep doing it.

While it seems to come out of nowhere,when your mind reaches overload from stressors of any kind, it triggers the body to take action through the autonomic nervous system (ANS),

Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS): A part of the ANS system that serves to accelerate the heart rate, constrict blood vessels, and raise blood pressure.

There is lots of stuff on the internet if you are interested in the physiology nuts and bolts.


Thanks for the information. I feel better now but is this safe? I mean is it just my anxiety messing with me?

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Hi again,

Perfectly safe although uncomfortable.

If your body reaches a state of overload/more than it can handle, you lapse into state of mental confusion and then finally unconsciousness as a protection mechanism of last resort.

It's worth keeping track of the anxiety attacks, starting with the date, symptoms, how long, what you were doing, thinking and how you reacted so that your doctor knows the severity of your anxiety. I always report mine at the next visit so that they are on the record.


Thank you I really appreciate it this but I should go see my doctor again since it's been at it's worse. I tend to fight it off sometimes but when it hits, just like you said it feels so uncomfortable but then I start thinking to my self nothing will happen, I keep myself busy and it literally goes away. It's crazy what the mind can do right?

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