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Hi. I have derealization disorder. I've felt pretty much numb for four months now and it feels like I'm half asleep. Like you're dozing off in a movie theatre; everything is quiet and peaceful but you aren't really focusing on what's happening because you're overwhelmed by the feeling of not being there. Then somebody spills cold soda on the person next to you. It shocks you to reality but you quickly go back to your half asleep state.

This sums up my derealization experience. Basically I'm zoned out, but not because I'm not interested but rather the opposite. I could be doing something I love, but it stops me from being "really there". Some moments I'll snap out of it and be vivid and "there", but the next moment without fail I'm back to my new reality.

I'm not exactly sure why this began happening. I had struggled with anxiety and depression in the past but this was new. This was something different to learn to cope with. It's a completely different animal compared to anxiety. Its even more confusing because my therapist doesn't even know what to say since this isn't her area of expertise. All I know about it is it feels like I've been asleep for days, but also that I haven't slept in days. It's confusing and complicated and frustrating, but it's part of me now and I'm just going to have to learn to deal with that.

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Hi. I have depersonalization as well. If you would like you can message me and we can talk about it. 😊 It is very hard. It has happened to me for years. Wish you the best!


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