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Lexapro and tight muscles


I'm on my third day of taking lexapro, my mood has been up and down but I'm mostly concerned about the muscle tension. My jaw stays clenched and I dont even notice it and my head and even face muscles feel tight and painful. It's hard to tell if this is a side effect or just anxiety symptoms but this isn't usually how my anxiety manifests itself. I called the nurse hotline my insurance offers me and she told me to talk to my doctor but I can't get a hold of her til tomorrow. I'm scared that it's something super serious and I dont know what to do 😓

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Clenching the jaw is quite common with anxiety, it's called bruxium, it tends to happen without thinking about it. I guess it's the minds frustration coming out in physical form. I had it for several months, best way to deal with it is first accept it rather than fight it or fear it. If you have a sports gum shield, wear it, it will stop the jaw and muscle ache. Also try lighting a lavender candle or spraying lavender oil, it's a natural remedy to relax the muscles.

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