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My 17 yrs old daughter has very severe OCD/depression/Anxiety

Hi, My daughter has been struggling with her sever OCD for the last 4 yrs, been in & out of the hospital 6 time during that time. Her OCD are intrusive thoughts that are very negitive. I am her only care helper and I am looking to find tools, better educate myself to help her. Really we both are looking for better understanding and support on her mental health. Its been a tough 4 yrs. She does she a psychartist, she had therapist, but they do not stay with her long because of her sever ocd, she is on medicine, but cannot take high dose of it without having side effects, so she is not responing well to meds. It has been a tough road, but we sure could use advise & support too!

Thank you,


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Hi Kathy, this must be extremely difficult...actually YOU deserve equal help from a therapist...not just your daughter...YOU need to be able to 'survive' this situation... Best wishes to you, Kathy.


Kathy,. My daughter also has thoughts that lead to cutting and discouraging emotions. She has good days and bad. After many years of different therapists we finally found one that was really good. My daughter likes to draw and read and be creative. So we have a creative journal that when she is having these thoughts she can draw or write or scribble or whatever she feels like. We have a trust that I will not look in it unless I am invited to. We also have a very open communication relationship. Going through this with my daughter I would feel completely overwhelmed. I started asking a lot of questions to people that were open to talk about it. It has gotten better with time. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward. You probably do need to look at a support for you as well. You can really feel drained some days. You can send me messages any time!!! Good luck!! Rachael


Hi Kathy. Im sorry to hear that your daughter has been struggling. I'd say to follow Betty's advice. Sending love and support from TX

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