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Weird feelings

Hey guys! So I had a question for you all. Does anyone else get weird butterflies in their chest at random times and then you start having a panic attack over it? I feel like mine is probably due to anxiety and I've had several EKGS and an ultrasound of my heart done. I've also been feeling kind of weak at times and I'm not sure what that's from. Insight please?! Thanks so much.

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I've also been feeling shaky.


i had those as well. After several ekg's and an echocardiogram, they couldn't find anything, but I knew what I felt. I didn't have them all of the time though. My cardiologist had me wear an avent monitor. it records your heart for thirty days. They then found that what I was having were pvc's - pre ventricular contractions. This means that every once in awhile, my heart would beat a second too fast. They are considered benign and can't hurt you. They don't do anything for them unless you have a ton in a row. They said millions of Americans have them and don't even feel them. Lucky me, I feel every single one. My doctor said that my anxiety has me so in tuned to my body and that's probably why. I am not saying that this is what you are feeling, but maybe bring up wearing a monitor to your cardiologist. But after the butterfly sensation, I get like a flushed feeling in my body like I do when I get a rush of anxiety or panic.


That's kind of what I'm feeling. I'll definitely let my doctor know! Thank you for the insight!

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That's how my panic attacks begin. Butterflies, shakes, nausea, sweats, and in bad ones I start vomiting. I usually end up going to sleep, because I can't deal with them, but sometimes taking a Xanax and drinking a Coke are enough to calm them down.


Trust when i say i know the feeling its as if u could fall apart any minute and feel drained i suffer from it too


That happens to me as well. That's when I feel anxiety and panic attack. Once the attacks are over I feel tired, drained


I have severe anxiety attacks but only the second week of July through about the end of august. I don't know why but I have them every year an have had them for years. I use some pills to help me through it but it is tough sometimes.

The worst time is when I go to bed. I does bother me a little sometimes during the day but not much. Mysteries????,!!!


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