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Fed up


Just as I think I'm getting better anxiety and depression decide to kick my ass once again. I've tried countless things and even accepted that it'll never go away but my symptoms make it practically impossible to function and serve as a constant reminder of my condition. I had hope and thought I could finally get a job again but looking at jobs and filling out applications pushed me over the edge once again. I try and I try but the feelings control me. I'm so frustrated and feel so hopeless, when will I be able to handle life again? I'm sick of depression and anxiety taking over my body and telling me I cant do anything.

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Looking for a job can be so stressful! Especially when it feels so out of your control. If you don't mind me asking, what type of job are you looking for? Maybe someone here could recommend places to look, or have some advice about ways to apply?

It might be good to limit yourself on the amount of applications you do each day. When I was unemployed I would try to apply to like 10 jobs a day and would get so frustrated by the 3rd that I bet my answers on some application questions weren't well thought out. Sometimes it's better to stay focused on one or two strong applications rather than trying to get them all at once.

Hope this helps!

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Not really sure what kind of job I'm looking for. I'm 21 and have my an associates from a community college and basically just have retail, barista, and CNA experience but with my anxiety it's so hard to deal with customers and keep a happy face, it's exhausting. I'm just terrified of having having a breakdown or panic attack at work or during an interview.

And yeah job applications are so annoying! Typing in the same things over and over again and just trying to talk yourself up basically lol. I've only done a few but I start thinking about whether or not a job will make my illness worse or if I'll end up embarassing myself and that's what gets the panic going.

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Also if you have any job suggestions that'd be appreciated!

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