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Hypnosis is working for me

Been listening to hypnosis on my phone for the past two week and it seems to be helping. I know it is hard to calm your mind but I have tried my best to just relax even if it is just 15 min. I will continue it bc I have been going through work stress that usually makes me freak out but I have not had major attacks for a few days. I have minor ones but that is expected for me. If any one interested in knowing specific ones I listen to I can provide.

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I've never had luck with meditation etc. I'd be interested. I can't ever quiet my thoughts. :(


With meditation - you can't clear all your thoughts but can acknowledge it - it's neither good nor bad and return to breathing in and out. This meditation is really to help you reduce stress and make it easier to cope with stressful events. At least that's how I've learned it from several people-

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That's great! Do you have the app Relax? I like this but it is only 8 or 13 minute meditation. I prefer the breathing exercises it offers.


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