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Good morning,

I'm Weatheme and I'm new to this forum. I am trying to seek other options when it comes to dealing with my PMDD. I tried Lexapro in October of this year and everything was okay until I gained 18lbs. up to this month. I stopped taking it and had a HUGE EPISODE and now things between me and my hubby are, not so good. It definitely feels like I'm all alone and no one can understand when these episodes happen. After the episode I'm left feeling ashamed because I'm acted like a monster and it is very hurtful and embarrassing.

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When one person is hurting it cause lots of ripples effecting those around us. I think therapy for couples is a wonderful thing even if you didn't have this extra burden. Communicating well with your spouse and them well with you is probably the most important thing. They may not ever fully understand how you feel but they can learn to develop the empathy and grace to understand that this mental illness is not who you truly are... or the person you want to be. Know you are taking medication already proves you are trying to get better.

Keep us posted.

ive been on the generic version of that. sometimes it helps other days i feel like you have been. im not sure of any other medical options id say lower the dose of the pill since it was helping until the weight gain. as for feeling like a monster your not but maybe do things to distract your mind.. maybe a hobby? do things keep you busy and happy i know its easier said than done. im not very good with giving advice when im going thru something similar but just thought it might help you know your not alone even when you feel alone.

Do Not Stop any medication unless the doctor tells you to. Speaking from experience learned the hard way. Everyone of us is different and it may take a while to find the correct one for you. Have you tried CBT? to learn ways to cope without medication. You must be part of the treatment and use the good sense God gave you to solve any problem, I am still working on mine and do not want to except this is something I will have to deal with the rest of my life, but I am trying and my sisters who live far away are just PHONE CALL AWAY!

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