Supplements for Anxiety/Depression

I'm sorry if this has already been answered on here, but I did a search and couldn't find anything. I have been experiencing a really bad anxiety episode recently and I'm trying to use supplements to aid in it. Right now I'm taking a general multi-vitamin, a b-complex, 500 mg of magnesium, fish oil, and chromium. I was wondering, does anyone have any other supplements they have tried that have helped? Can anyone tell me how long I have to take these supplements before I will see an improvement?

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  • Magnesium might give you a tiny bit of relaxation but that's about all you might see or feel. And I think you'd have to take double or more of it for that to happen but each of us is different, very different in how we react to chemicals. It very much matters if you actually have a deficiency in any of the vitamins or chemicals you've added to your diet.

  • Think you should look up "WavyDavy" or a name similar to that and ask for his opinion. He's in England I believe and really has the scoop on magesium and supplements.

  • I started taking l-theanine. I can still feel anxiety if a situation arises but if not I can be so productive after taking that and drinking coffee. I'm not easily overwhelmed and I can conquer tasks. It makes me focused. Seriously it is kike an add medication but you're calm and not overwhelmed.

  • I was told by my pharmasist since he took these and it helped his axniety, to take Adaptra you can get it on line, amazon has it, this really helped me almost right away i saw a good change and as it went on even better ive been on it for 2 months now, much better it is natrual cant hurt you and isnt addicting..try it... I tried tranquilean and it wasnt as good sent it back...hope it works for you...

  • Thanks. I'll look into that one.

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