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Ok so I used to be a truck driver until both my mental and physical problems made it impossible to drive semi anymore. I have been unable to work going on almost two years now. It seems like it gets harder everyday to leave my house. It started out that I would only panic being around large groups of people. Then it went to when shopping if there was a lot of people in the store or even the checkout I would panic so bad it felt like someone just reached inside my chest and squeezed. When that would happen I would just push may cart to the side and simply leave. Now it's gotten to the point just driving no matter how short or long the ride (although the longer rides are way worse) causes multiple attacks. Some days I can't sleep and even forget simple things. I don't know if this means I have developed something new or just that what I already have is getting worse. Has anyone ever experienced these problems? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, i feel so awful for you. It sounds to me like you are getting worse. If you are not treating what you already have and just keep thinking over and over about it then you are probably worse. What do you do to help your condition? Mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking, changing your thoughts will help. I know i have been there. Read some books on it Joe Dispenza has a few good ones, this is proven science that your thoughts control your life...also, are you on any meds? Sounds like you may need something. Although i am not a doctor, this is only my opinion, i do not believe in many meds, it took me four years to fet off of one i no longer needed, the withdrawls are worse then anything i ever imagined and docs dont tell you this. I try and take more natural things...research what may be good for you...some people have gotten relief from magnesium, fish oil, vitamin d etc. Many times if you were under huge stress your body gets very depleted of certain things...and so taking them for awhile till you are a bit better may help have to do alot of research for yourself...most doctors will just keep pumping you full of meds and it is a bandaid....not saying they dont help, for you they might...just saying to look at all avenues.

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I suffer from PTSD (no meds), depression (was taken off my anti-depressant claiming it was making my anxiety worse), bipolar (No meds), anxiety (ativan, quit working almost a year ago), insomnia (serquil), mood disorder (No meds). I only take the two meds a day. Have tried to od 3xs. Commutes myself 1x for help. I have tried multiple things to help. Nothing seems to help. I have panic attacks just leaving my house.

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