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How to make very important decisions when PTSD symptoms get in the way

I'm heavily medicated for PTSD, profound depression, and profound anxiety. The meds can only do so much and I already took classes for weeks on coping methods. But I have to make some extremely important decisions and my anxiety is so high that I am unable to make them, or it seems when I do , that I make the wrong one. I mean my head is CLOUDED!!! I'm definitely open to suggestions. Thanks.

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hi, think more closely about what you have just said, you are heavily medicated but your anxiety is still too high to make choices. Is there something else that is not helpful going on for you, are your meds suiting you? yes you are right that meds can't do everything but the 'cloudiness' could be to do with your meds.


Thanks for your reply! Yes, the meds can make your head cloudy, but during times when my anxiety is not so high, I am ok with making decisions, so in this case, I don't think the meds are the cause. As far as whether I am on the right meds, all I can say is that I have had a genetic test done and have been on one med for over 20 years that the test said should work well, and since beginning the second med, I have actually improved, (I should have been put into inpatient care, but I have no insurance.) So I truly believe that the PTSD anxiety is to blame. I just haven't found a solution. I wonder if biofeedback would be helpful, but then again, I have no insurance and no income (filed for SSDI.) I don't know of anyone who has tried it. Thanks again.


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