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How to get back up when down


Currently at a low point, feeling down about everything, can’t even motivate myself to get out of bed. This of course makes me feel like even more of a failure. I’m failing everyone in my life. But because of my depression and anxiety, instead of those feelings making me pick myself up and do what I should be doing, instead it reinforces and creates more anxiety and depression.

I want to think better, feel better, and be better, for others and for myself. I just don’t know how. My brain and emotions are constantly working against me. Also when my anxiety and depression are maxed out, as they are now, physical symptoms develop such as lethargy, fatigue, headaches, even fever. The mental and physical combined make change that much harder.


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I don't have any advice but experience the same thing. Like you kind of eluded to, the depression kind of feeds on itself. I don't get much done and then I feel worse because I didn't anything accomplished. It is hard to get the momentum going but once I get going then I feel better. I just need that push to get me going.

Poodie in reply to Marshall64

Hi Marshall.

Try doing one thing and push yourself a little at a time. You are so right. This does feed on itself, however so does moving forward. Don’t put too much on yourself the first days. Try to treat yourself to something special too.

Good luck. ❤️ Post again to let us know.

Hi wishi.

Have you tried to do just one minuscule thing that you need to do ? Just take one step at a time. Once you get started again it will get easier and easier. Then you will have to maybe take note of what starts this if you go down that path again.

❤️ Good Luck. Post and let us know how you are.

I could have written this post as I feel the exact same way. But here’s what I’m trying...

I would agree as others have said - try to set yourself one small goal. And a reward.

As I tell myself, even a small step is still a step.

Going to be honest - you might not feel better after. But you won’t feel worse. And you will have accomplished something. Anything. Doesn’t matter how small.

Then tomorrow do that same thing again but this time add another goal to it. And repeat

I know it’s easy to say. Your brain will not like it. It will want you to get back into bed. I know, I get it. But we have to fight against it.

Good luck xx


Taking that first step is always the hardest one. Think about all those other people who are worse off than you. You have a home and a bed to sleep in, food to eat, a restroom to use and shower in. How about those who are homeless and need help? What can you do to help them? You can get up and get yourself ready and serve at the local mission. You can get up and volunteer at the local food pantry. How about those people who got put into a nursing home and no one ever comes to visit- they just got forgotten about? You can get up and go visit them- read to them, play games with them, sing songs with them, bring your dog and let them pet him... How about those children who are cooped up in the hospital with special disabilities and health conditions? You can get up and go to the dollar store and get them a gift and bring it up to them with some balloons. How about that neighbor who might be layed up or the mom who needs a break? you can get up and bake some cookies for them or bake a hot dish for that struggling mom...I hope this helps to encourage you!

Thank you to everyone for the kind words and advice. Just knowing people are kind and "there" for me, encouraging me is helpful.

As an update...a few days ago I did 1 small task...the dishes. Didn't feel any better....but then the next day I found myself doing 1 load of laundry....then the next day found myself doing multiple loads of laundry, sweeping, and mopping even though I hadn't even planned on doing anything. The first step is the hardest, that is for sure. But once you get started, it does lead to being more active and productive, which leads to feeling better mentally, even when you do not think it will (I didn't think it would), but it does. Thank you all again for the support.

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