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Okay so I'm just going to list/go through a typical day for me this week and see if anyone relates...

Basically I have had issues with my appetite/stomach/gut recently which seems to be worse in the mornings. I do not take any antidepressants and never have so it's nothing to do with medication. My anxiety is present constantly, as soon as I wake up. I am on a short 'break' as I am waiting to hear back from a new job so my day consists of almost nothing apart from taking the dog out a walk once or twice. I feel this sickness / loss of interest in food all day, i feel conflicted as to whether or not i should eat because i feel so sick and my stomach can't handle food. Usually I forget to eat because of the lack of motivation to do simple tasks. By the time it gets to the evening I can maybe handle something and i'm very hungry by then but I want to keep a balanced diet and eat more during the day and less in the evening but i feel that my mental health (anxiety, depression, maybe stress) has something to do with me feeling this way, maybe it's affecting me physically (which is likely because body and mind are 100% linked), but i'm not sure. I'll be making an appointment with my GP soon about all my symptoms and possibly be starting on an antidepressant/anti anxiety medication. Does anyone know if medication relieves these side effects of mental health issues?

Hope you are all doing well, remember you are loved.

Peace and Love

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HI nice to meet you. Everyone is different but ad meds are designed to help you feel a bit better and more able to tackle your issues. Meds don't work for everyone as some people are more treatment resistant than others.

Hopefully if you feel a bit better you will find it easier to follow a healthier lifestyle. Counselling is good too so ask for that when you see your doctor.


Hi thank for your reply. I'm already seeing a counsellor.


Yes I know exactly how you feel! I also am currently unemployed with nothing to do all day and I have absolutely no appetite. But I know I loss all interest in food due to a side effect from my medications. I'm so sorry you're going through the same thing because it does make you feel worse knowing you can't do normal basic human functions like eating. I try to at least drink lots of fluids.

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I'm still new to all of this but I read somewhere that depression and anxiety, although very different, can be treated the same for some people. For example, I have both and am taking a small dose of anti-depressants and it clears up my morning anxiety. I usually wake up with a sick, twisted feeling in my gut; nausea brought on by anxiety of facing the day ahead of me.

Everyone is different though and from what I read my anxiety is not as severe as yours. But I see a similarity in the morning time so I can relate. I can't eat until it goes away and it makes me feel so physically uncomfortable. Some mornings I used to drink a glass of water, then eat a mint (sometimes it helped settled my stomach), and I would eat 1 piece of plain toast.

I hope this helps and if not then I hope you get what you need at your doctor appointment.

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