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Sick of suffering from anxiety

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I’m sick of suffering from anxiety how can ur mind play so many tricks 😥 I suffer with health anxiety I get the slitest twinge and I think the worsed I don’t want to go on medication I need to beat this on my own anyone got any ideas how

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Hello. Can I ask how old are you? When we have anxiety our mind tends to think the worst. When we have heartbeat that is stronger or the slightest twing we think the worst. First thing is to of course get check out by a doctor to make sure you are healthy. If it is anxiety, you may need medication to help you rationalize your feelings and body sensations. This is something you have to learn to better understand. No one can tell you how you feel, but you have to accept that you have these sensations. Some meds just lighten the body's reaction to anxiety so you can think clearer and be more rationale. I wish you the best on your journey and try not to worry. (easier send then done)

I’m 33 iv sufferd with it for years now but I seem to get it every day iv been to the doctor and had a heart monitor on for a week and that came back ok It not just my heart my mums side of the family including my mum as died of cancer all which was sisters but all different types so that plays on my mind a lot, I don’t really want to take medication for it because iv herd the side affects are terrible I no it’s anxiety I just need to learn how to overcome it and start living again instead of thinking when am I going to feel normal

thanks for the info. Ok so the good news! You are ok healthwise.. that is a good thing. Now you need help with your anxiety. I had the same thoughts-- I can just do this myself and control it. Sometimes we need help with meds. I dont want you to be afraid to reachout for Meds such as Benzos or antidepressants. You can start with a very low dose and see how you feel. I am on a low dose of xanax as needed. I control what I take and when and it does help. Dont look as the meds as something bad-- you should talk to a psychiatrist or doctor about your symptoms and see if a benzo (low dose) can help you feel better. I dont like meds either, but sometimes you need some help. If you insist on not taking a medication, I have had some luck with CALM.. its a magnesium powder drink that helps to even out your mag levels and keep you calm. I dont sell it.. so no motive here, but it works for me on stressful times.

Thanks for the info. I'm going to try it to see if it helps with my anxiety.

Il have to have a look it to it I just see a lot of feed backs from people saying about the side affect of the medication I just don’t want to feel any worse than I do but iv gotta do something if I can’t control my brain myself I suppose thank u for listing and ur advice

I do suffer from this whole craziness all my life. I think it’s a cross that we all need to carry to learn something from it, and mostly to love ourselves and live in the moment with every small gift that lives gives us. How? It’s hard to control your own mind but as everything it’s on this universe, it’s not impossible. It just need time and work with it. I do believe in spirituality and I do meditation (when I can,as much as I can); I try positive reinforcement and make myself smile even if I cry. I believe we can go through if we want without an external help. Because I’m the end it’s our own battle. In some cases we need medicine, Depend on the case

I am in the same boat and my body gives me new symptoms all the time to freak me out. ( it's not like I want to go to the doctor every week so I try to ride some of them out) I am just about to give in to medication as I want to live life again as well. Your not alone but I'm sorry I do not have much help to offer. I do find magnesium dose help.

I can relate too! EMDR helps a lot- check out the EMDR Institute for practitioners, you want someone well trained.

I can relate, you are most definitely not alone. Talking about it helps tons, plus helps us feel less of a freak. Try positive reinforcement, remind yourself out loud that you are healthy and this is no need for real concern. Keep healthy habits so you can tell yourself that you take care of your body and it takes care of you. I keep a journal to record symptoms and feelings, in no time you'll notice a pattern. Remember to write when you are feeling well too, it'll help you when you're feeling no so good to know that you'll overcome this too. Best of luck, we send you a tight cyber-hug!

Thank u all for ur support I makes me feel better noing I’m not alone 😊

Look..Im 42 and suffer for awhile now too..Ive never taken meds no matter how bad I it is possible..but I do roller coaster don't take me wrong, but because I don't get help, andbmy psych told me she can't help me either, I turned to prayer..Im not a devotee but the five cents i give to God has helped me get through this now that I look back...i pray, forgive myself, talk, ask, cry , thank, you name it, to God.. I've surrendered to God.. I will never lose hope or faith no matter how hard..good luck

Believe me, anxiety sucks. Its been bad for me for the past few weeks. I'm sick of feeling this way. Are you seeing a Doctor now ? maybe you should talk to Him about going back on meds. Hope you feel better soon.

No I haven’t been to doctors but iv nearly gave up smoking I have one in the morning when I used to smoke 20-30 a day and iv had less anxiety attakes so I think that as played a big role it’s been nearly 3 weeks I just need to kick that morning one out then iv done it 😁

I feel the same exact way and all they wanna do is prescribe us meds which I don't wanna take either. I just had an echocardiogram done a few days ago and gotta wait for the results and its killing me cuz I got chest pain and I don't know if its breast muscular or my heart u know. It really sucks.

If u find any tips or tricks please let me know I am absolutely the same way since my husband died unexpectedly last year now I feel like it's my fate too

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