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Rough patch

Hey everyone. I haven't been on in awhile... I've had a pretty crappy time lately, it's like no matter how good a person I am, no matter what good I do in this world, life is just determined to knock me down for real. Since Jan 2016, my life has unraveled completely... I've managed to sew up bits & make it look presentable again in some areas. My marriage is back on track after a separation d/t a lie that resulted in my husband's infidelity. I forgave the infidelity only bc we'd been seperated & planning a divorce when it happened. Hurt like hell anyway, but I lived. Then the whorish woman tried getting back in contact with my husband in March & I lost it. My anxiety went through the roof & depression knocked me on my ass... & my husband truly made no attempts to talk to her, he even blocked her number from contacting his phone to ease my mind, but it helped very little with my insecurities & anxiety. The anxiety triggered some GI issues that ended with a colonoscopy at age 32 bc I couldn't eat, used the bathroom constantly, lost 12lbs, ect. Then I decided to get new meds bc I couldn't take the feelings anymore. I wanted to die. I self harmed bc the pain I felt was too much, but I couldn't kill myself. I wanted to, but I can't do that to my son... good news is, meds started working pretty well. Then on May 26th, 2017 my grandma (Mamaw), my favorite human on earth, passed away unexpectedly of a massive heart attack... I had to bury the best woman who ever lived in my world & that nearly killed me, too. But before that, my husband's exwife called DHS & falsely accused me of abuse for the 4th time (on 4/4/17). Unsubstantiated, of course, bc it was all lies. Stressful, nonetheless. THEN, last night I received all documents from DHS on every allegation made against me (I requested these in hopes of a possible defamation lawsuit against exwife) only to find out what kind of bullshit lies my 10 year old stepdaughter had also told DHS. The same girl who writes me notes saying I'm the best mom in the world (dad and I have joint custody with her biomom), the same girl who begs me to take her shopping & wants to hang out with me all the time, the same one who is apparently a two-faced lying machine just like her biomom. I'm floored. I'm devastated that she's done this to me. This really really hurts. I just want her out of my life bc I've suspected this all for awhile now, but I've put it aside & given my daughter the benefit of the doubt. Only to be stabbed in the back by this girl I've consistently helped raise and support since she was 3... what am I supposed to do here?! I'm a nurse and if these allegations keep on & something sticks, I could lose everything... my license and career, my home, my bio son. All bc of a liar who apparently hates me unless she's looking at my face. And what if the allegations turn towards my 11 year old son?! My daughters biomom accused her step-dad of sexual abuse ages ago, she tried to start some shit with my husband regarding my daughter being touched inappropriately by my husband when she was only 4 years old. So it's not reaching to assume biomom would coerce her own daughter into saying something like that about my son or even my husband. The twisted mind games that woman plays with her kids is disgusting & warped. I'm sick, u guys. Does anyone have any advise? I'm considering video/audio monitoring of my entire home as protection for me and my son, but that's ridiculous. I should feel safe in my own damn home, not like I should have to record all things happening here just to prove myself or him innocent! What the hell do I do?!

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It sounds like you've been through a lot. You don't deserve the way that these people are treating you. If anyone has some advice, feel free to respond.


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