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Anxiety and BC

Hi! I am currently on meds for anxiety and depression which is fairly controlled. I wanted to start a birth control to help with the pain and other debilitating effects of my monthly cycle. I haven't been on any BC for years and the first one they had me try is quasense. It caused me extreme anxiety and I had to stop taking it. Is anyone here in a similar situation with anxiety and on, or tried BC that didn't increase your anxiety? Or if it went away fairly quickly?

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Hi why not go back to your doctor and ask for a different med? I am sure they won't all have the same effect on you.


I am but I just wanted to see if anyone else with anxiety has tried some birth control pills and can vouch for them. 🙂


I had no issues when I was on Nuvaring but I know it has side effects - they all do. It depends on your personal hormonal makeup and bc is trial and error unfortunately 😊


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