Anxiety returning to work

This site has been so helpful to me. Four months ago had to go on leave for depression and anxiety - I feel better from the professional help received and taking on new activities to try and break the lows and maybe experience some highs even.

That being said the leave is coming to an end and I can feel the anxiety creep in am I ready- how will others react now (some dropped me bc upset and not supportive of leave)-can I mentally function a full day and so on.

Mainly sharing and thankful others can relate and the great thoughts that get shared

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  • That's so brave of you to return to work, I'm sure since the therapy seemed to help, that'll you'll be able to function at work, just try to continue your therapy after work

  • Thank you so much I even have anxiety how to manage work and my well being. I guess I'm scared I can't manage both but working through that - thanks so much!!

  • I recommend breathing exercises and when you get home make a safe place and idk if you're into it but yoga always helps my anxiety

  • Love the yoga idea thank you

  • I hope work goes well, what day do you go back??

  • The 15th even typing it made me anxious ha I got to start playing it out and let some positive thoughts and actions dull the anxiety

  • I'm sorry it's making you so anxious. I hope thinking back to therapy will help and allow the positive thoughts to flow.. Where do you work?

  • In accounting not so go w the flow at times 😊But you're


    On thank you!

  • Ya I see why wouldn't want to go back. Be positive and focus your extra time on yourself, good luck!! I'm always here for you to vent

  • Same to you and keep standing up for yourself and I'm here for you too

  • Thank you 😊

  • Great..I'm so excited for you..You go get em tiger..I know you gonna be OK..Just stay positive and I know you will be fine..Cheers..We are here cheering for you..Never forget you are not alone

  • Hi anxiety is very natural when you have been off work for a long time and are due to return.. Are your employers allowing you a phased return to work to break you in gently? If not maybe you could ask for this.

    I would just play it cool with your colleagues - remember you haven't got to talk about it with them if you don't want to. Just concentrate on your work and the time will fly. If anyone asks you how you are just say fine and leave it at that. Good luck.

  • Thanks

  • Is the job the source of your anxiety? If so, it may be time to look for a new career.

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