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Hi my name is Sulymar & I’m 17 years old. I have anxiety & it’s sad bc my parents don’t understand the situation & they call me crazy and other topics that I don’t want to talk about. But the point is that I been feeling this bad symptoms of anxiety like for half of a month. I hate it when I feel dizzy & get scared. I almost don’t have no one to talk to . And I either can’t go to a psychologist bc my parents don’t want to take me. Btw I can’t go by myself bc I’m a teenager. So all I’ve been doing is searching all over the internet to feel calm.

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it sounds like therapy would help, but your situation makes it difficult. maybe if there is a councilor at school you could talk to?..

being here will help you find suggestions on how to deal with anxiety, there are a lot of good people with suggestions and support for you.not everyone is the same so some suggestions may help more than others, you're just going to have to decide what works best for you. Breathing exercises seem to help me when i am experiencing a panic attack, music is also one of my main avenues for relief. Sometimes even both at the same time. Also reading something enjoyable can help get your mind off of things, especially before bed when my mind begins to wander.

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Gn✨Hi , I’ve tried to do exercises like walking outside with neighbors so I can release stress . But I never been that close to them to tell them my problems. Also I recently graduated from Highschool & I’m on my way to collage. Thanks for the advices , my way to distract my mind is painting Canvas , cooking & also listening to some music. Thanks again , always remembering that mental health is important also remember you are not alone in this either.💕

You’re not alone. That’s how old I was when my attacks started and I’m 29 now. But some days are better than others just try to talk to somebody soon, because I waited years and things do get worse but if you have the resources, then use them. You’re not alone here, just know that. Everything and any information helps.

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Thank you so much for your advice. That gave me relief, remember always that mental health is important . Have a good night ✨:)

Hey Artwanna! I'm really sorry your parents don't seem willing to let you seek out a counselor. I agree with Toshytosaymyname, that you should look into if your high school has any peer to peer counseling or a good, trustworthy and sympathetic counselor you could talk to so at least you have someone who will listen with compassion. Sometimes it really helps to feel like you have someone who you can open up to, it can help you to not feel so alone and isolated as well as having a little bit of a support system to get you through tough times- I know if I didn't have a good group of friends I could be myself around I wouldn't have made it through high school as I had parents who also thought I worried too much too.

Or if you can hold out until you're 18 you should be able to seek out your own treatment as you are technically legally an adult and responsible for your own medical services and bills - even if you are on your parents insurance until you're 26. (I work in hospital billing so if you ever need more detailed advice about that let me know! I know a lot of the rules and ins and outs of the system! Once you're 18 hospitals and doctors/therapists/psychologists, etc. legally can't release any information to your parents without authorization from you, so not that you'd necessarily want to have that fight with your parents and they certainly would possibly try to pressure you to tell them what's going on, especially if they're in charge of paying your bills, you do have that right to privacy).

Anyway, probably way more information than you need at this point but it's not completely hopeless I promise! Just know you're not alone and you're not crazy and there's nothing wrong with you! Some of us just process things differently and tend to worry more than others, sometimes it feels overwhelming and unfair but remember that it will pass and get better! It's not a permanent feeling and can get easier to deal with over time if you take the time to find good coping mechanisms that work for you!

Personally, if I am able, I like to go for a walk or exercise alone and let my nervous energy power me through my workout so I have an outlet for my anxiety (doesn't work all the time). Sometimes if I'm feeling so overwhelmed I feel like I have to cry I just find an area by myself and let it all out until I can't anymore - also a good release since sometimes your feelings just want to be felt. I also like working with animals like dogs and horses as well as yoga and meditation, but everyone has stuff that works better for them. There are a lot of great little exercises you can do while just sitting in a chair to help release some tension from your body- start by focusing on your head or shoulders and flex or tense your neck and shoulder muscles or even your hands and arms as hard as you can for a few seconds and then let go and take a deep breath. Then do this with various other parts of your body and rotate and breathe in between. Sometimes helps me when I'm feeling highly anxious and. tightness in my chest.

I realize my response is getting super long and I apologize but Jloyd90 is also right in that the earlier you start better habits and coping mechanisms in your life, the better off you will be in the long run. I didn't even begin to think about seeking out treatment until I was 25 and I wished I had had the strength and knowledge to start a lot younger.

What do you think are the things that are causing your anxiety? Is it the pressure of school and homework and having to go to college? Or are there deeper issues with your family? Maybe some social anxiety? There are all kinds! Remember that 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health issues so I'm positive there are people who are closer than you think suffering from similar stressors as you! Don't be afraid to seek help however you can! I hope you can find the support you're looking for online! Good luck!

I know the feeling but I was able to step out on my own once I spoke with my doctor about my feelings it wasn’t much my mom could do because depression and anxiety is SERIOUS even if they feel like its something silly if you even wanna talk vent cry or yell I’m here send me a message or I can send you my number

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True it’s something that you need to take care of as soon as u can . But sometimes some parents don’t understand, other’s do 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m just here trying to deal with it but sometimes it comes back & I feel like I need help but there’s nothing I can do until I’m 18🤷🏻‍♀️💔 But Thanks for your advice. Btw same here you can txt me on the app’s private dm .

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Well I wish you the best out of life no parents don’t always understand or try to understand until it’s too late I was on my own growing up I had my mom but she wasn’t fully active in my life until I did something bad or wrong like get pregnant at 16 I was forced to get a abortion and that made things WORSE but she always overlooked me as the “bad child”

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True, sometimes some parents see things when it’s too late like for example my mom🤷🏻‍♀️ But thanks so much, hope you keep going with your head up & never giving up I know you are doing the best you can.💕Remember That you are what you think u are not what others want you to be.

Hi artwanna, It's fantastic that you came somewhere for support and help.

Here is a suggestion for feeling more calm ( in time) - just remember and practice these 4 things: Face, Float, Accept, and Let Time Pass. (Credit to Dr. Claire Weekes).

Face your fears- don't avoid. Avoiding makes anxiety double down because it believes it got it right the first time in telling you to avoid. You confirm for your anxiety that it is correct when you listen to it and avoid things. Go about things as usual, and don't avoid because of shaky nerves.

Float- at the height of all those awful sensations - take deep, deep breaths, and imagine you are floating on top of the waves in the ocean. Go WITH the current- let the ocean toss you about if it wants. Don't FIGHT the current. This is key. Fighting anything that anxiety creates in your body sends your anxiety a signal that it needs to keep you fighting. And so more adrenaline and stress hormones get spit out into the system- creating more symptoms. Instead, give IN to all of it. Let it do its worst. It's a paradox and it seems so counterintuitive- but it will help get your anxiety to ultimately settle down.

Accept- Accept everything about your anxiety. Know that it's this amazing part of your nervous system that is just doing some wild and crazy-feeling things. Brain zaps, trembling, nausea, dizziness, intrusive thoughts, rumination, fixations, etc etc etc. Accept all of it, knowing it is your harmless anxiety center doing its job in overdrive right now. It settles down over time with this approach, but for now, just accept it for what it is. Harmless, odd, anxiety, who you are just starting to get to know.

Let Time Pass- The anxious brooding and constant reacting to your anxiety, and the bewilderment and confusion it causes- all of this creates a sensitized nervous system. Your central and peripheral nervous systems have basically been soaking in adrenaline. This is harmless. But it creates the way you are feeling now. By practicing these 4 things- Face, Float, Accept, and Let Time Pass, you will be allowing the nervous system to slowly but surely stop pumping out such constant adrenaline and stress hormones, and eventually, if given time, the nerves will settle down.

My teen (almost 17) has unbelievably good anxiety. Yes I said "good" :) It is like a fierce guard dog. Her anxiety, (and your anxiety) are just doing their jobs Too WELL. My daughter knows this, and is doing much, much better with her anxiety these days. Tons better. The resources I have on my profile are some of her favorites. In fact, she's having a little setback these last few days, and has been listening to Dr. Claire Weekes' audio again. We like the setbacks- Setbacks are a friend. We "need to take the old skeleton out of the closet once in awhile and have a look at it." If you read and listen to Dr. Weekes and take a look at the other resources, you'll eventually start to understand this bizarre way of looking at anxiety- which promotes recovery.

Therapy- hopefully in college, right? I'm guessing you'll be able to go to the student health center and get started? Therapy is fantastic and your day will come soon, and you will do great in therapy. Maybe group therapy will be available, too. It's so wonderful to meet other people going through this kind of thing. It was so helpful for my daughter to know she wasn't alone.

Fabulous people here on this board to support you- hope you keep us posted. Big hugs to you.

I'm sorry to hear that. My parents used to call me crazy too,they never took the time to understand what I was going through. Now I'm in my late 20's things have gotten worse,but I'm in therapy now,I've also put my foot down and forced my parents to accept and try to understand my condition. I can tell that they are trying,but I always make sure to put them back in their place(respectfully) when they try to minimize my condition or try to call me crazy,I remind them that it's partly because of them if I am that way,because or their ignorance and they didn't take me to a therapist. So defend yourself don't let anybody call you crazy,most of the time they are the crazy ones for not wanting to face reality and for choosing to be ignorant.

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Gosh I just feel like I have seen a reflection of myself in your words , like that’s exactly what’s happening to me. I been having a lot of fights bc I try to tell them in a good way what’s actually going on in my life but they seem to not understand & suddenly they yell at me & that makes my anxiety worse. But thanks for motivating me to never give up & keep going.💕

Btw, thanks for your advice & I will.

Have you ever looked into support groups? They are free and are basically meetings of people with similar issues. They are peer led; there are no professionals. It is helpful to be around people that are going through the same things and can offer support.

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Yeah I’ve tried before but I need to wait until I get more independent of myself. So I can travel whenever I want to . But thanks for the advice I think it’s something really helpful for mental health.✨

Hi artwanna. I’m so sorry you are struggling. You mentioned that you are getting ready to start college. Check with your college and see if they have counseling resources for students. The college my daughter is going to has that service available and it so completely confidential. I believe they offer 5 free visits then they are discounted after that. It would be worth your time to explore that. You are worth it.

I will , thanks for you advice.❤️

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