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Depressed and anxious

My depression is bad and my anxiety is making it worse. I am so nervous about everything that could happen with my depression that it just makes it worse. I over think everything, so I often find myself searching for a reason for my depression yet I can't find one which annoys/upsets me more. I am so anxious that this will never go away that I end up having panic attacks related to how I feel. I don't know how to deal with all of this.

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You takeit day for day dont question how or why theres no real answers just learn hiw to deal with it if your having a bad day find sonething that helps keep your mind off of it listen to music watch a movie play video games call a friend go out somewhere find a reason not to think about it and find reasons to enjoy life. I had no one helpingme and i sought answers from snyone i could sometimes it just takes a lil thing to turnyoyr day around


Hi it sounds like you fear of it is worse than the illness itself. Are you having any treatment at the moment? Like Bisshop4 says accept it and learn to deal with it rather than over think it. Have a look at mindfullness which is a way of keeping you firmly in the present. When your thoughts overwhelm you distract yourself and keep doing it. The more you concentrate on it the worse you will feel. The worse you feel the more you concentrate on it. It's a vicious circle and you must try and break it.

Ask yourself too what is the worst that can happen? Is your house going to fall down? Is someone going to die? No of course not.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Everyone on this web site has probably gone through what you are going through. I could have written your post was so familiar it made me want to cry. I wish I could give you a giant hug. So often I just want someone to hold me, help me and tell me that everything will be ok. I go through each day trying to do the best I can. Some days are better than others, but I am thankful for each day. This web site has helped me to know I am not alone. Have you seen a doctor? Please know I am thinking of you and hoping this day will be a better day. One Day At A Time is my mantra. Peace.

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