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I am currently a senior in college and am having a tough time dealing with my anxiety. Three years ago I was put on medication but didn't like how it made me feel so I stopped taking it. I did okay for awhile because I stopped caring about what others thought and just enjoyed life. I am now in a relationship and I am happy with it. But I feel like I can't control myself. I get upset when my boyfriend goes out without me cause I overthink that he is going to cheat on me or do something I don't like. When he stays in with me I feel like I'm boring and I make him stay in. He says he doesn't mind it but I don't believe him. I also have a really tough time with overthinking. I can't step out of my comfort zone. It is tough for me to talk in a group. I just stand there and smile. I wish there was something I could do to take the anxiety away. Also I talk to my boyfriend about my anxiety and I feel like he doesn't understand and I don't expect him to. I just feel like I use anxiety as an excuse but I know I have it...

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Kudos to you for deciding to just enjoy life and not care what others think. Anxiety issues can be hard on relationships especially when the other half has never experienced it. I remover being young and jealous/insecure about my girlfriend cheating. It's not easy to deal with. All I can say is you shouldn't worry about what will or won't happen. I know, easier said than done. Bottom line, we're here to help support you any way we can.

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Wow. This feels like deja vu. I FEEL YOU. From him going out and you worrying to overthinking, I really know how that feels because I went through the same thing. But this went on for 2 years and we broke up almost 3 months ago because of my excessive worrying and lack of trust. Unlike you, I didn't sought out help, well because I didn't know I have an anxiety disorder. The biggest thing that I learned because of the breakup was to be honest and say what you feel. Have a conversation with him about it, and really say that your worries are uncontrollable but you want him to help you ease those worries. Also, read articles and send ones to him that relate to your situation the most. There are so many more I can share with you. So, message me because my mind is running everywhere right now.

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