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What You Fear The Most Cannot Happen

A panic attack is a horrible and terrifying experience, but it is not in any sense "dangerous". Panic disorder is actually a natural bodily reaction that is occurring OUT OF CONTEXT.

For example, when we feel our survival is somehow threatened, all mammals have an instinctual response to either fight or flee. This response produces a sudden surge of adrenaline, accompanied by strong feelings of anxiety and panic, and a very intense urge to flee or escape the fearful situation or circumstance.

It is interesting that the intensity of the reaction and the strong urge to flee are things that would ensure your survival if you were truly in danger.

The flow of adrenaline and the resulting extra blood flow increases your strength and awareness of the danger. This extra "awareness" of the perceived danger may cause all sorts of feelings, such as dizziness, nausea, hyperventilation, heart palpitations, confusion, lack of control, unreality, being dazed, shaking, trembling, and sweaty palms, among others.

During a panic attack, your body goes through the same physical processes as it would if you were in real danger. The DIFFERENCE, of course, is that although you feel you are in danger, you really ARE NOT. That you undergo panic attacks -- without knowing why -- only makes the situation much more frightening.

Because of these feelings of panic, it's very common to "invent" or attribute danger to the accompanying bodily symptoms. Remember, though, that NO ONE has ever had these things happen to them as a result of a panic attack:

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Thank you so much for sharing that information. Hope some can take it to heart and be reassured.


Thanks for sharing!! I get anxiety really bad and when I get a panic attack i always think I'm gonna pass out or something bad is going to happen to me. It never does but I always think it will. It's scary! Wish I never had them. Thanks again for sharing!


When people with severe trauma or prolonged exposure to tragic events it also causes changes to the brain itself which is why for example you can see on scans the amygdala and frontal lobe no longer communicate as they did. So when this happens a danger sign is alerted and your brain and things such as the ability to calm or soothe yourself takes an extended amount of time compared to others that do not have this unfortunate complication. However, like all trauma different. Therapies can and do with much work restructure the brain in order for the person with this type of trauma to heal and discontinue the panic attacks, constant on edge feelings, etc that go along with it. There is hope! Just find a therapist that is trained in this area! All the best to you 💕


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