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Hi I bought the Alpha Stim Aid I have been using it for a week and I am sleeping better and my anxiety is slightly better I am up to 40 mins at level 3 it goes up to level 5 and

1 hour and I do feel a difference.I bought mine from USA and after I bought it I found a company in the U.K. That sells it and they do a rent to buy option.I looked into it and there are clinics in UK that use on there patients it would be just a matter of looking into it to see there is any in your area that use it and if there is I would recommend you try it hope this helps any of you all my love Janebee

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do you get a buzz when you use that thing? Anxiety is slightly better does not make me feel better.

Also just so you know, the longer one goes without treatment for a condition, the worse the problem gets. Yep

i started with just anxiety but then it blew up into anxiety AND GAD.


Hi no you don't a buzz you just feel relaxed when you use it hope this helps. Janebee

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