I don't know what's wrong with me. I think m suffering from depression, bipolar disorder. I gone through several mood swings. When i get up in the morning i experienced anxiety in me, feeling so faithless. But anyhow, then i have to start so my leaving this all things behind i start my day thinking how happy and blessed i m. But then this starts affecting my social and personal life so i then decide to face this and today i started that.

so plzz bless me luck.

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  • I am praying for you that you recover from any anxiety or depression and that you go on to do with your life exactly what is best for you and you are successful with your plans for your life. I also am praying that you plan with listening to God and you take his will into consideration when planning your life out. This should bring you great success! ...and great happiness and fulfillment!!

  • thanks ma'am.

  • Bless you with what though? I am not sure what you expect that to do either.

    May i suggest you head to see a psychiatrist who is willing diagnose you and work with you in tailoring a treatment plan for your situation.

    it is not enough to think one has a problem. Your mine is telling you clearly that something ain't right. Would expect you would go get help for it before it completely ruins your life and relationships.

  • thanks by the way but I have figured it out what to do. And m normal now.


  • Find someone who you believe can support emotionally - means someone who can accept you as you are - My brother is going through bipolar disorder and now he's getting better and better because of our emotional support accepting him as he is and most importantly he accepted the reality -

    Things are changing day by day - good luck

  • thanks.

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