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I don't know how to be normal anymore

So, my anxiety is getting worse, I can't seem to DO THINGS anymore. I have panic attacks when I try to do anything. I tried to stay over at my best friend's place a couple weeks ago and was nearly sick at the thought of it, which is crazy considering her house is like my second home and her family is like my second family. I have to go out of town next week, and I feel paralyzed by the thought of it. I just don't know how to be normal these days. Writing is really the only thing that keeps me hanging on to my sanity. To add to it, my other best friend is going to New York this summer and has asked me to come, and New York City has been my biggest dream since I was a kid, but I don't think I have the funds or the confidence to go, plus my parents would NEVER let me go, and we'd be going with her modelling agent and without her parents which is also something my parents would say no to ... and the thought of missing out on my biggest dream is killing me. I just don't know how to keep hanging onto normalcy.

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You need to see the school conselor, doctor, or social worker and explain this! You have a real problem that will be much better the sooner you address it.


I've been in your spot before, wishing I felt normal like I was before I had anxiety. I understand how anxiety and panic attacks can definetly get in the way of doing things that we want to do. The trick is that you just gotta do it. You can't let anxiety hold you back, it's an ugly and scary feeling but if you let it paralyze you from doing things, you will miss out on opportunities. Accept the way you are feeling and don't let it control you, after all, we create the anxieties in our minds which means we also have the power to destroy it. ☺️


please go see a psychiatrist /neuropsychoatrists and work together with him/her to get you on the best fit treatment plan for your condition.

as Dr Oz says it "there is no need to suffer needlessly" ,particularly when there are treatment plans out there to help you live a better, near normal life.


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