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Trying not to self harm anymore

Hi I'm here because I'm trying not to self harm this is the longest I have gone without doing so (6 months self harm free) My psychosis are getting worst. I have depression schizophrenia bipolar disorder and anxiety and I have frequent nervous break downs and anxiety attacks I also have racing thoughts I normally block them out with music but music haven't been helping...

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So the right answer is not to cut yourself. I know that it is an urge, but it is temporary relief. I am sorry about your conditions. It must be really hard. But there are people who you can talk to. Slitting your skin can not help your life. It is tempting, but you know it doesn't help. My advice: get busy. Don't let yourself stop long enough to thinking about wanting to cut. I know how hard it is to fight off the knife, but you must try! You are wanted in this world, don't shorten your chromosomes. They only have a limited number of regenerations. Every time you hurt yourself, you are having less times your cells can reproduce. Your cells are perfect. Once they run out they never exist again. Please don't cut yourself. You are who you are for a reason. Something good will come

- a friend


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