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This is Benedict I am new here. Does hiv cause lips discoloration and cause them to turn red. I have been developing lip discoloration and also experienced hair changes from normal to brittle hair. I have also suddenly developed lactose intolerance. Last year I went to do an hiv test 4 times and it came out negative. This year I have gone there twice and results are still the same. Is there any other disease that might have symptoms similar to those of hiv cause I have gone to the hospital and the doctor says everything is normal.

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Hi Benadict. You can rest assured that YOU ARE NOT HIV. Tests you have had are repeatedly negative so you need not worry or think of it again, you are ok,...Lip colour changes can be due to body temperature, too hot too cold, or food sensitivities. But usually red lips are not a sign of anything serious...Hair changes can be a sign of the food you eat and lifestyle. Also,as we age, our skin and hair show the changes of time and this is natural and to be embraced.. My hair has changed, it is thinner and can be brittle and falls out.I take vitamins and use Moroccan oil on my hair.. Your hair changes could be due to your lactose intolerance?.. I am vegetarian. I eat a gluten-free diet. I have food sensitivities affecting my bowel and find being free of gluten helps me.. It is good that you have identified your sensitivity and you can now avoid lactose, so you can accept that knowing this is a positive thing..

If you look after yourself and be kind to yourself you will be ok🙂...Don't let your anxiety over your health take your attention away from being able to get on with enjoying life..If you feel you are concerned or worrying about your health a lot, or all of the time,you should go to see your Doctor and tell them this.The Doctor will be able to help you to worry about it less. They can offer medication or cognitive behaviour therapies to help you to think of things differently.

Have a look about health anxiety incase the information applies to you. It is very helpful.

Best wishes x


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