New to this.. hi everyone I am a single 39 yr old mother of 2 boys and have been dealing with anxiety and depression for about 15 years now on and off medications, therapist, breathing techniques and still yet battle this everyday looking for maybe a new approach things are starting to turn for the worse and those that understand know you have good and bad days my bad days are out weighing the good now. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi i'm new to this too. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago with GAD and depressing although without realising what it was, I've had it from the age of about 11. Part time working mum who is fed up of feeling down and so so tired all the time😣😣....

  • Hi. You are not alone. It can help to chat and people on here understand how you feel..Maybe you could see your Doctor about your tiredness? Aside from depression...iron, B12 and folate levels if low can cause tiredness/ low energy.There are vitamin supplements you could take that may help with it if you are deficient. Your Doctor can do tests to find out.... Be kind to yourself. Best wishes xx

  • Hi. I can identify with you -although I'm in my 50's now- but I've lived with anxiety nearly all my life. As I've got older I accept what I am and am not comfortable with and find that is ok for me. I have incapacitating health condition which causes me days of illness, and I have now less mobility and use a walking stick..After a period of total disability,I suffered terrible depression and missed out on so much family time with my grandchildren being babies. I couldn't recall a whole year,I just went through the motions..I suddenly realised on my granddaughters first birthday that I'd been living in a 'zombie state' and it so upset me to have missed so much..I have been trying to keep ok since..I too have good and bad days, but I am kind to myself and accept that I need quiet, withdrawn days to heal.. During my worst times I saw my GP. I decided not to take medication as it would have added symptoms to my existing ones.But if I had got worse I would have done.. If you are not on any medication there is always St John's wort or 5HTP from a health store. Mindfulness can also be helpful.. You're not alone. We understand on here.Best wishes xx

  • Thanks. I am borderline aneamic but not enough to have iron injections and due to IBS unable to take iron tablets. Tried to sort health issues out from Jan 2016 and still no further on. Awaiting CBT which takes forever. No emotional support off partner; mostly resentment. Totally had enough of feeling exhausted all day every day! I really wish I hadn't started on meds as the side effects outway any benefit!.. tried many different ones. Work for a while then dont. Same thing over and over again! Got docs ringing tomorr so am hope she has a lot of time !!!!

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