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Am I depressed?

Hi. I dont know if this is anxiety or depression. But it will be nice to let it all out and maybe have someone to talk to. Okay so, I'm actually a very confident, outgoing and optimistic or at least I do think so haha. But somehow I've been feeling down lately. I'm feeling all these kind of emotions that I have never felt before and I dont know how to control it. I've been feeling depressed, stressed, lonely, worthless and insecure. I thought it was just a phase that will pass or I was just in my period. But strangely enough, it didnt go away until now. When someone made fun of me and called me names as a joke ofc, I would always just laugh it off and didnt think about it that much. But now, when someone do that I believe their words and I will overthinking it and just feel bad about myself to the point that I feel worthless. Not only that, I begin to get anxiety, like when i make mistakes even a small one, have to speak in public, or in a crowded place, my heart beats so fast, my hands are cold and I cant think straight.I feel like I'm ashamed of myself and I dont want anyone to see me. So that stopped me from going out and just coped in my bed all day. When I try to tell my friend what I've been feeling, she would tell me that I'm such a dramatic person and I should get over myself? And it makes me think of that too.

I'm feeling lonely, worthless and feel like nobody cares enough for me. I dont know if I'm overreacting and being such an overdramatic person honestly. I dont know what is wrong with me but I just want these dark feelings to go away.

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You're describing both clinical depression and anxiety. Where one is present you will usually find the other. You need to see a doctor asap if you want to get started on a medicine to conquer these problems. It will take up to 6 weeks to know if the medicine you start with is the right and effective one for you. You'll also need to see a counselor for one-on-one counseling to help you understand how you got here and how to recover and stay healthy and free of depression and anxiety.


Check out There is a wealth of information there on anxiety, how it happens and how to overcome it. I urge anyone suffering with anxiety to check it out. It saved my life.

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