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Underaged Users

This is a quick note to remind everyone of the 16 years and over age limit in place for our users, here at HealthUnlocked.

While we understand and strongly believe that all people should be able to gain knowledge and information regarding their health and well-being, we do have to enforce an age restriction. The reason we have this rule in place is because all of the advice on the site is anonymous and mostly not professional. Some of our users may not consider the different needs of younger members, and often, it's easy to misunderstand what someone means.

We ask our users to report any posts they believe to be shared by an underaged user via the report function from the drop-down menu. This allows us to remove their account and send an email advising the younger users to try and arrange a meeting with their GP to discuss their health concerns. We also link them to other organisations better equipped with supporting young people.

We appreciate your co-operation and understanding.

Best wishes,

HU Support Team

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Hi in one week on here we had 2 underage users, one who stated he was 13 and the other one 11.

They both got a number of replies from others giving them advice etc. Please can you clarify should be doing this or should we just not respond and report them to the admins? .There appears to be a difference of opinion on here which is causing some bad feeling.

Please can you make this clear so we are all singing from the same sheet.


Thank you Maddie,

I will ensure I report any I am aware are under 16 or who happen to inform me they are under 16.

It's good to know that when we report you actually guide them on with an email advice,and signpost them.

Won't feel so bad using the report button now for that purpose, it makes more sense to do so. Us trying to take responsibility for them is probably not the best idea. A job best left to the admins

Report button it is.


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Thank God I am already 17 and have a well-trained critical thinking.

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