Use of Inappropriate Language

We would like to remind all our users that we do not allow the use of bad language on the ADAA Community Site.

We recognize that people use various language to portray their emotions, however, our User T&CS's state that "contributions must not: contain any material that is obscene or offensive". There is a large number of users on this site, resulting in a large variety of different backgrounds, different levels of tolerance, and different perceptions of offensive language.

Communities need to remain safe spaces for the diverse membership while also balancing freedom of expression. For this reason, posts containing language that may be offensive to other users will have that language edited - either by removal or through blacking out with the use of asterisks. Our policy of editing this language strives to maintain the balance between permitting users to portray their emotions through their choice of wording while avoiding offense to others who are reading. A post will only be deleted in entirety if it contains offensive language or sentiment directed towards another person.

Thank you for your understanding.

The ADAA Community Administrative Team

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  • Maybe it's a generational thing? I am one of the oldies on here and I (and quite a few others I have spoken to) hate the swearing on a public forum. I presume we are as welcome on here as the young people? Or is it only for people under a certain age? I know young people these days have a generally different attitude to swear words, but like I said this site is for all age groups.

    It's also for all cultures. I know some of them don't use swear words and surely this forum is for them as well?

    Before I post I always ask myself if I would walk in to a roomful of strangers and acquaintances and say this or that. I would never swear under those circumstances though maybe some of you would? If I wouldn't behave like it in real life then I wouldn't online.

    It's about recognising that not everyone is the same with the same needs and compromising a bit to get along with others.

  • But if someone using profanity, maybe not in a offensive capacity, makes them feel comfortable and lets them feel relatively normal; shouldn't we be more accepting of those individuals? all thats doing is alienating some users who frequent this site. I myself use words like "damn" and "f***" in my everyday conversation. (or the few that I do have) However, I always try to be respectful of others. I think the solution is to find a balance.

  • thanks , mommawatcher and the admin got me feeling crazy...

  • yeah that seems counterproductive in the grand scheme of things. reporting them just makes them feel like they aren't accepted.

  • I agree, using foul language is so common in today's world. I hate it. Thank you Willow.

  • Sorry, this should have been directed to the administrator. I shouldn't be writing comments until after I have had my coffee...again, sorry.

  • You are welcome.

  • Somebody with the user name of innercity is preaching religion. I did not know where to direct this.

  • can I say "f*** my life" ? I'm directing the profanity to myself.

  • I appreciate many of you use this type of language in your everyday life but many people don't and find it offensive, especially older people or those from other cultures and backgrounds. As this forum is equally open to everyone and not just those who want to swear it has to be banned here as 'offensive'. This site is not fb. If you want a site where you can use as much foul language as you want to then this site is not for you.

    Health Unlocked has made the rules clear. When you sign up as a member you confirm that you have read the rules and will adhere to them. If you don't want to do this then the answer is simple isn't it?

  • I think we can all curb our language in order to adhere to the rules. I for one swear all the time normally, but on here I realize I can't so I don't. They are just words that you can either choose or not choose to use.

  • Yes and it's all about considering other's feelings.

  • you wrote to me about religion and politics and I do understand so i'll stop. I forgot to tell you the name of the guy I believe it was lazer7. Thank you

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