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Reminder - Use of Inappropriate Language

We would like to remind all our users that we do not allow the use of bad language on the ADAA Community Site.

We recognize that people use various language to portray their emotions, however, our User T&CS's state that "contributions must not: contain any material that is obscene or offensive". There is a large number of users on this site, resulting in a large variety of different backgrounds, different levels of tolerance, and different perceptions of offensive language.

Communities need to remain safe spaces for the diverse membership while also balancing freedom of expression. For this reason, posts containing language that may be offensive to other users will have that language edited - either by removal or through blacking out with the use of asterisks. Our policy of editing this language strives to maintain the balance between permitting users to portray their emotions through their choice of wording while avoiding offense to others who are reading. A post will only be deleted in entirety if it contains offensive language or sentiment directed towards another person.

Thank you for your understanding.

The ADAA Community Administrative Team

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5 Replies

Thank you for this Admin. Hopefully the awful language on here will be improved now. x


Thank you.


I think answering a persons cry for help is more important than complaining about a curse word they used, we are all adults and in the real world, everything isn't sanitized....and if you don't like what's being said ..then don't read it, and move on. Telling grown adults what they can say or not is a control issue...and that I find even more offensive than cursing.


Spot on..i agree..


I have never seen awful language. I do, however, agree with the post above this one. If you can't take the heat, move on out of the kitchen. Words are just words. Now, if someone from this group comes to your house and hits you with a stick, you will have something to complain about.


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