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Has anyone found something natural that really helped

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Hi was wondering if anyone hS found some natural ways to really work for their anxiety.ive done tons of research and been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for years.but now is the worst I've ever felt.i don't like meds from doctors cuz have tried 5 different ones and they all make me sick or side effects are too much as I want to feel normal. I will say that acupuncture to the ear does work for a couple days but that's it. I have been trying calm drink,stress defy,and got a couple others I just got but was wondering if someone has something that has truly worked.

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Reading led me to look to prebiotics and probiotics to reduce anxiety. I normally eat a lot of fiber. And I eat yogurt every day. What made my anxiety lessen was the addition of kimchee every day. Three months after adding at least an ounce of kimchee to my daily diet.. I noticed a major reduction in my anxiety level. I do not and can not take any medication.

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Well thank you very much will have to look into that.i really appreciate the reply and that's the kind of stuff I was looking for different things to try

Hi I only no of the SUPERNATURAL -GOD ! :)-and there is- only- the- ONE.

When ALL ELSE FAILS; HE is the answer

people try all sorts of things BUT GOD is the KEY :)

Every Blessing and LOVE :)

Exercise helps, even if it's just walking. Mindfulness is a great way to ease and control anxiety. Google it to find some resources. You simply focus only on the current surroundings. Workbooks on anxiety are available at bookstores. The book will guide you through lots of self help exercises. I cannot take meds, so I sought help from a therapist. Having someone to just talk to has helped alot. I pray alot, too.

i do take medication but also supplement with the following natural coping skills:



- meditation

- talk therapy

- essential oils

- brief journaling

- CBT and DBT skills

I do yoga, meditation, and qigong. Qigong is what helps me most of all. It's similar to the martial art tai chi but easier to follow. To learn about qigong, go to YouTube and type in: Qigong for Beginners: What is Qigong? - An instructor talks about what qigong is and does a demonstration you can follow. YouTube has lots of other great qigong exercises. I also own a DVD that I follow. And last, but not least, I also get relief from the scent of lavender and nature walks.

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