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Insomnia and Anxiety

Hi there

I am reaching out for advice and support. I am 40 years old and have spent the last 15 years suffering from insomnia. For the last eight years I have used ambien in conjunction with my anti depressants for sleep. I recently started a new job and my new insurance has advised they do not want me on ambien. It is sent me into a tailspin spin. My doctor has tried other things and now have changed me to Zoloft and nortriptyline. I am not having success and am continuing to use my ambien. If I don't take it o have the worst anxiety attacks. Anyone here experienced this or any guidance on how to quit ambien?

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Hi, the ambien has mixed reviews for various reasons. Biggest ones seem to be it's habit forming and some people do things in their "sleep" after taking it.

I'm 20 years older than you, was a practicing trial attorney with sleep difficulties for the last 17 years.

Once I took Ambien and was stopped from walking my service dog in the middle of the night and was put back to bed by my husband. The next day I had no recollection of the event. I thought he was joking with me.

My psychiatrist had one patient in the middle of the night actually drive to a grocery store. She couldn't figure out the next day why her freezer section was full of canned pork and beans, soup cans, etc. No memory at all of even leaving the house.

Once I ate an entire carton of ice cream and put the empty container back in the freezer. Husband was upset that there was no ice cream, and I told him to just check the freezer.

Currently for sleep and dulling my chronic nightmares, my psychiatrist rx is a very low dose of a muscle relaxer that is chemically close to the antidepressant family and my usual 1mg Xanax for my anxiety.

Sorry I don't have more to offer you. But after some many nights awake all night, this has been a great relief for me.


Hello there

Sometimes I feel anxiety and insomnia. I have never been on ambien before I have taken meds for sleep. The last one that I was on was trazadone(hope i spelled it right). They didn't seem to help much. Anyway I wanted to suggest ASMR. There are lots of vids on youtube to watch. They help me to relax and sleep. Hope it helps

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Hi I have been on Ambien and my GP only gave me a smal ammount cos as you know they are VERY addictive !-she would NOT give me anymore!

Have you been to mental health sevices-relaxation and CBT?

If you could get some sleep you would feel lots better-have you tried Amitriptyline at night.

Zoloft didnt work for me; they made the problem worse.

I am now on 10 mg Citalopram and can now sleep !

I am VERY sensitive to ALL meds.

You talk about insurance are you in the US-I am in England and have NO insurance.

Very Best Wishes xxx HUGS :)


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