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Feeling bad

My anxiety has decided to come back full force since Friday. My body feels like it's humming with electricity, my face, neck & elbows are ichy. I have a headache & been in bed most of the weekend. My husband forced me out of house to go shopping yesterday. Some how I was able to relax while I was out... but I'm convinced something is seriously wrong, yup looking at WebMD .... my husband keeps trying to tell me it's the anxiety/depression.... I don't know.... so scared

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I get that feeling sometimes, especially in my legs. Are you getting enough exercise? That may help. Let your husband help you. He knows you better than anyone, right??


Hi LMCello. Thanks for the reply... I think I could do a bit more exercise... I do walk like 2 miles each work day... but I'm sure the pup wouldn't mind some long walks too. I think the anxiety of the rally/protest near my work Thursday (luckily it didn't get out of hand & I wasn't impacted by it) & some family stuff caught me of guard is why I feel this way. I did get some stuff done. I know what I'm wearing to my husband's work dinner next Saturday. Got my mom's mother's day gift. And figured out what to make for potluck. I hate when the anxiety/depression starts affecting my body, then I get scared.

Anyways, thanks for listening. Hope you are doing good & had fun at your kid's game. 😊


Oh man I thought I was the only one with that weird humming vibrating electricity!! Mine starts buzzing on my legs and up. And it comes out nowhere. That's why is hard for me to come to terms that is just anxiety. Feels so weird and makes me want to run. It sucks!


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