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Long time celexa user

So I've been taking celexa for about 7 years now. I was on 20 mg for the majority of the time. About 8 months ago I was even tapering down to try and make it to 10 mg. I made it to 12.5mg and started feeling a little too anxious so stopped and went back to 15 mg. Which I felt fine on. Then I had sort of big health incident/a lot of change in my life and ended up increasing my dose to 30 mg, per my doctors recommendation. I continued to have anxiety after that and my doctor increased my dose to 40mg. My worry is that I'll never be able to go down to 20mg again with the same effectiveness.

Has anyone had experience being on celexa for 10 + years successfully on the same dose or with successfully tapering down?

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Hi I am on this- I am only on 10mg cos I am too sensitive to ALL meds

I wake in the night soaked in sweat and dont get more than 3-4 hours sleep.

I have had to have sleeping tabs but like we all know they are only for short term use !

if I come off them i get pscicosis-dont know what to do !?

All The Best


How long have you been on this dose?


Hi I have been on this dose for about 2 months but cant go higher cos I get very side affect noted.

down the years since 1999 been on just about everything with about a wk inbetween them all.

the best for me was Amitrptyline but had to come off them cos I was sleeping to much-about 12 hours a day !

ami is ok for anxiety and pain but GP said they are rubbish for depression.

The mental health team are having me do a Bipolar diary cos nothing is working.

They say if its bipolar then CBT wont work nor will the antidepressants; so will have to have something else.

so i am in limbo at the mo. had a tetenas vaccine 2 years ago and have been worse since then-dont know if there is a conection !?

Best wishes


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