Anxiety manifesting as irritability

Does anyone else struggle with their anxiety manifesting as extreme irritability and sometimes even feelings of rage? Sometimes when I'm feeling very anxious, something small my boyfriend does or says may really upset me to the point of me becoming irrational and hostile. I feel this irritation with others, too, but am not confrontational with them because I am generally pretty reserved and am better at being passive-aggressive with people I don't know as well. I feel so badly for being such a B word to someone I love so dearly and for something that is not his fault. Any tips on how to combat my inner psycho (lol) and chill the F out?

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  • Yes I know exactly what you mean. With me I get very short with people especially if they didn't hear or understand me or if I really don't know an answer and they keep asking. I'm still working out how to combat it but my husband is really understanding and I apologize a LOT. Haha That doesn't mean he doesn't get mad or that it gives me a free pass to be like that but I've told him how hard it is to control my emotions so he doesn't take it to heart. Lately I have been finding little things that calm me that I can take places. I have this little cube with buttons that I press when I feel anxious and it helps a lot. I find that if I keep it with me and use it I don't get as worked up when talking with people. I like rubbing polished stones too sometimes. So I guess try to find something you personally like that calms you, maybe it will help!

  • Thank you so much for your reply! My boyfriend is also so kind and understanding despite my behavior and he never takes it personally. We are lucky ladies! Thanks for those suggestions, I have a number of polished stones on display in my room so I think I'll pick out a favorite tonight and try out your method next time I get irked.

  • Hi this is classic depression-I get like this too BUT people ARE guilty of pushing my buttons at times.

    If they dont push the buttons I am fine; so, its their fault really and they should know better !

    Unlike you I am confrontational and I do and will take on ANYONE at all and if they cannot take it, then, they should not give it out.

    You could say to them- look there you go again ! thats what im talking about; this causes trouble ! Im not in the mood for you boring crap again ! Leave me the F- alone

    Very Best Wishes

  • I appreciate you taking the time to respond, but I am talking about irrational irritability with things that should not work me up to the point of confrontation. I am trying to hold myself accountable for my behavior, so I do not think it would be helpful for me to be hostile towards people because I'M feeling bad--they are not responsible for my feelings. I am trying to find a way to channel some zen in these high-stress times so I don't blow up at the ones I love.

  • yes, my anger is so out of control I don't even know what to do anymore. Everything and anything sets me off and I have been awful to the people I love including my boyfriend. It just seems that anything he does even talking drives me off the deep end. He talks so much and when im anxious i cant focus and he get mad at me for not paying attention. I was on prozac for a year and a half and recently stopped about 2 months ago very slowly because it wasnt helping me anymore. I exercise daily, got a puppy, have a great job, travel often, have a beautiful place to live and im still not happy. My heart is constantly racing, along with my mind and emotions. I am on the verge of tears daily for no reason. I take multiple vitamins now that my doctor perscribed but its not helping. i just dont even know what to do anymore i just want to disapear. no one seems to understand how i feel eitehr they just think i have a great life

  • I'm so sorry for your struggles! Anger and anxiety/depression suck! Have you looked into psychotherapy and/or medication?

  • Have you gained weight with Prozac? I went from 125 to 175 with antidepressants. Now isn't that depressing?

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