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One day at a time


I am new here. I have been dealing with anxiety most of my life now that I reflect back. Depression started in my early twenties, and talking with others always seemed to help. Now that I am in my mid forties, I find it a little more challenging to make the kind of connections with others, and feel they understand. I have started walking in a neighborhood park when the weather is good, to help deal with symptoms. Its a great way to reflect on the goodness that each day brings. I am glad to have found this community of people who understand the day to day set backs that can occur when dealing with an illness. Today is a sunny brisk day. I think I will go for a walk. Have a great day everybody!

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Great post! I also find it hard to connect with others sometimes. Exercise, be it in the form of brisk walks, jogs, yoga, bike rides, or DVD workouts has always helped me combat my symptoms as well. I'm so glad you've found this meditative and holistic remedy and hope it continues to serve you well. It can sometimes be much harder to acknowledge "the goodness that each day brings" than the negativity our minds are accustomed to, and for that, I commend you.



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Thank you Bev.


Hi Dodsond. I'm in my mid forties and started getting anxiety and panic attacks when my children were born 13 years ago. I take it day by day and find that keeping busy is extremely helpful in managing my issues. I quit my full time job and vocation of the past 20 years to change careers and work part time now. I also exercise daily and take care of house and home for everyone. The goal is to have more good days than bad ones. I really don't have any friends (symptom of having anxiety/panic attacks?) and find replying to others on this forum helps me out. Keep up the great work!

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