Citalopram (Celexa)...can anyone please me their opinion?

I started on 10 mg Celexa 2 weeks dr said things would get worse for a week or so... he was NO KIDDING. I've read some people have to wait almost a month before this drug 'kicks in'... All I know is my anxiety (in the mornings) is SO SO very awful --sometimes til evening...Dr said yesterday just keep on taking it. I have .5 Ativan that I used as a sleeper...and Dr said "OK" to occasionally still taking it...but that was it... I've read that once you adjust to this drug it really helps. Can anyone help me out in any way by sharing your opinion with me?? I would really appreciate it.

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  • Hi. I personally was on citopram for 5 weeks with consently suffering with side effects. The Dr said the same the effects will pass. I took myself of and the Dr change them to an older drug. I am now settled but it took four attempts to find the right drug for me. Good luck.

  • I've just up and quit some pills, too: Zoloft and Prosac...oh and Mirtazipine... didn't ask Dr either... I DO want to give this a longer try but I won't keep going beyond 4 weeks unless I can feel SOME sort of improvement during that time. Thanks,Tony.

  • Yea I tried celexa too and it takes 4 weeks. So take the Ativan to help you it's good to help but if you want something that will last longer ask your doctor to give you klonopin instead. It helps you especially with sleep.

  • Hi Cristina, I so would like to think this will be true for me... some people say it is worth the wait...but like I told Tony...I have to feel SOME sort of improvement in the next two weeks...So far, honest to gosh...absolutely nothing...just heightened anxiety... SO...something is keeping me going here, so I hope its worth the wait! :) Thanks, Cristina.

  • Hi I am on Citalopram and can only take 10mg. I had to have Zolpidem at night wen it was increased. I was like you !

    They took 3 months to kick in BUT I'm still not impressed-if there are things happening in our lives they wont work-people have a way of keep upsetting me and am crying this morning :(

    very best wishes

  • Hi Betty30, I was on Celxa for over a year and unfortunately it didn't do much for my Anxiety. My doctor changed me to Venlafaxine started at 75mg and it helped with the anxiety for a while, so she upped it to 150mg and that was to much I couldn't handle it. So now I am back on 75mg. But I also have to take Diazepam 2mg but I take a min of 2 at a time, when my anxiety starts to kick in. I have a lot of medications that I take. But the Venlafaxine seems to work better then the Celxa did at least for me, for a time.

  • I'm on 20mg citalopram and I can't deny it the first 4 weeks were awful! The first 3 weeks my anxiety was the worst. Worse than I ever remember (but maybe that's because I was aware what anxiety was) but since then I have been panic attack free. After those three weeks I still felt the nausea and struggled to sleep but now I'm actually feeling so much better in myself. I honestly would say stick with it and hopefully the side affects pass. I know that's easy for someone to say but honestly I'm speaking from my own experiences.

  • I was on 30 mg a day for about 5 months it helped alot then my stupid doc at emergency cuz I don't have a family doctor told me I shouldn't be on pills for anxiety so they took me off the only problem with them is that when u get off them u experience depression and brain zaps so be careful but yes they did really help better then anything they have ever tried

  • I think most of the meds you have to give them time to work and if they Don't sometimes they have to adjust or try something else.

    Good luck and let me know how you are doing.


  • A big THANK YOU to all of you...and if anyone has more comments, I'd be more than happy to hear from you! :) I hope all of us have a good week.


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