Cross tapering antidepsants

Hi have any of you been cross tapered with antidepressants. I have As of a week today

I was taking 75mg Venaflexatine Night and Morning ,Now my Doctor wants me off them as they are no longer working .i have been on them for 15 years Now he has given me Mitrazipine 30 mg I am to carry on taking one Venaflexitine in the morning and one Mitrazipine in the night Troulbe is the first night I took the new tablet I slept all night Well since then I have been lying awake for hours not being able to sleep and I cannot get up until after Miday and I feel dreadful Also I feel as depressed as ever Any one else feel like this please.

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  • Hi honey im on 300mg venlafaxine and ive also got propanalol that I take ive been on them 16 years and they no longer work for me either my dr has given me sertraline now aswell and i have to take 150mg of venlafaxine because your dr is trying to week you off venlafaxine slowly thays y hes gave u the other anti d so ur body gets used to it so when the venlafaxine comes out your system u will already have the other one used to it so u wont have as much side effects persevere with them honey they will start working soon

  • Thank you so much for replying Hope you get well soon

  • You too xx

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