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Newbie here

Hi..I guess ill start off by introducing myself. I'm Mandy..I'm 28.I have been suffering with anxiety and depression most of my life..but finally convinced myself to go to the dr 5 years ago due to severe depression and panic attacks..I struggle everyday and even though I try to stay positive its hard most of the time. I dont have a very good support system or friends in my life. I joined bc I know I'm not the only one out there suffering everyday.

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Hi Mandy! Your not the only one going through anxiety and depression please dont feel alone trust I am in the same boat as you. Feel free if you ever need to talk to anyone I am here.


Hi Mandy. I can relate to you. I have dealt with with depression and anxiety most of my life. Was able to cope with it until about 8 years ago, finally got help for it. Recently it got bad again, like you I lack a good support system. Hoping to find 1 here.

Hoping you are having a good day, Melissa


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