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Student with anxiety and depression

Hello everyone, I'm Sue, I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and major depression along with other medical illnesses . I am currently in graduate school so my conditions make it all that much harder. I have found it very difficult to cope with, especially because people do not understand what it is like to deal with this everyday and still have to put on a hard face and fight to try make something of myself. I am dragging myself through everyday.

I have a wordpress if anyone would like to learn more about what it's like to deal with this everyday. I hope that it can provide some insight for those who do not understand what we go through. The majority are my ruminations and rambling but I would suggest journaling to anyone who is struggling. It has helped me tremendously.



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What do you journal? The bad thoughts.


I journal days that I think are important to remember. Sometimes it's on good days, sometimes bad days. I like looking back and reflecting on it and seeing that even the bad days pass.


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