***Over the past year I use to see my psychiatrist every Wednesday but once my birthday hit in November I was no longer able to seek expert help due to no insurance. I yet still have no health insurance, so I'd like some help from you all.***

My boyfriend and I have been together for a while but after I ran out of medication he became distant because he didn't like my attitude or the moods I would get into. Him and his friends think I'm just crazy and no good for him. He loves me and I love him too, but I can't get any help at the moment and I don't know how to control my outbursts. He broke up with me and he clearly didn't want to but he's friends basically made him do it. He always picks his friends over me which honestly sucks and makes me feel like I'm always gonna be number two to him instead of number one. I didn't want him to break up with me but he said all I do is bring him down and always says negative things. I don't I tentionally do it but I don't know why I say it. I always apologize for my actions but he just doesn't want anything to do with me while I'm not receiving any medical help. I don't want my relationship to fall apart but it did due to my bipolar disorder and depression. I don't know what to do...

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  • I've suffered with anxiety for the last 12 years and it's not fun especially with no meds! I'm so sorry that you don't have insurance, but there are a lot of techniques that you can try to help you relax. It used to be so mean to my husband when we were dating and honestly I'm surprised he stuck around but when I didn't have medicine he helped me to relax. I would get angry but not at him. I would be so mad because I couldn't control my feelings and my panic attacks and I was taking it out on him. I would lay down and focus on my breathing while he would rub my back and it really helped to focus on something else. It seems when I focus on something else the panic would go away and I would calm down. I've gotten a lot better at managing it over the years but it helps reading posts by other people. Anyway, if your boyfriend left then it wasn't meant to be. You need someone to support you even if they don't understand what's going on and how you're feeling. I wish you luck and I wouldn't worry about this guy who obviously doesn't care about you. Look up relaxing techniques on you tube, they really do help!

  • Thank you, I will most certainly look at techniques for all of that.

  • You can always message me too if you just want to talk 😊

  • Sounds a lot like me. I am surprised my husband has stuck with me. Even when we were getting to know each other, my outbursts were horrible. He said he saw the good in me and has been so very patient and understanding. Try an app called "Calm". It offers a lot of relaxation techniques and helps me tremendously. There is someone out there who will understand you and will stay through the good and the bad. Take care.

  • Shmeesha, I am sorry you are going through all this. I hope your insurance comes through soon. My boyfriend broke up with me because I was depressed. I could never confide in him. He understood my OCD, but he said the depression that bothered him. You need a strong person to lean on during these times. Sometimes people don't understand , just when you want them too. I can see now he wasn't a good fit for me. People get frightened by things they don't understand. Hope you get your meds soon. God blessLD

  • KVanessa, are you working? If so, check with your HR department to see if they have an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). If so, it's free for employees and includes mental health counseling.

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